The script that allows you to create a mobile version (PDA) of your site. For the CMS Joomla! and WordPress.



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IDoPDAHow to change date and time format of article?

papebih 2011.08.19 00:48 0 0


How to change date and time format of article? Now is showing default format from sql 0000-00-00 00:00:00 and i nedd just d.m.Y

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    IDoPDAPLS!!!! Say password and username!! I don't can install IDoPDA!!! :( HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Deulina 2010.12.30 20:28 2 2.4



    Autorisation:: IDoPDA Incorrect password or username PlS!!!

    Say password and username!!

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    IDoPDAhelp i can't install

    Luis 2010.09.02 17:57 1 0


    trate de instalar IDoPDA y me sale este mensaje: "¡Error! No puedo encontrar un archivo de configuración XML en el paquete."

    IDoPDA attempt to install and I get this message: "Error, I can not find a configuration file XML in the package."

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      IDoPDAHelp with IDoPDA

      Paul Stander 2010.06.09 13:08 0 0


      I have created a 3rd level sub domain and has unpacked the archive but when I go to the site it does not give me an option to install

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        IDoPDASome choices for resized images

        Greg 2010.02.04 11:42 1 0


        Hello everyone

        It could be great to have a least a choice to set a proportional resize width for the images.

        Actually I've set my template width to 240px, and so the pictures are really too small I think.

        I would like to have the possibility to set the default width of the images to 240px, and the height would be proportional.

        Thanks a lot


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          IDoPDANo content after install, administrator section not accesible

          UncleTaz 2010.02.04 09:45 14 0


          Hi, Installed the new release 1.1.17 recently in a subdomain. Entered all the info correctly in the install wizard and removed the install directory (after saving ofcourse). When I point to the domain, I nicely see the title of the site, but no content. I double checked the config.php file, but all the info is correct.

          Additionally, if I point to the /administrator directory I get someking of screen asking me for 'Autorisation:: IDoPDA' and I have to enter 'Database user' and 'password'. As strange as that seemed to me, I entered the database user and password, but nothing happens.

          Anyone know what is going wrong here?

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            IDoPDAIDoPDA was updated till version 1.1.17

            Nicomashi 2010.02.02 08:43 0 0



            Today we proudly present new IDoPDA version. Most of source code was rewritten. Many time was spent on testing on new PHP and Joomla!

            Added 2 option:

            • CSS-styling for PDA-version of site — make your PDA-site design as you wish!
            • Language pack system — translate IDoPDA in all language that you wish!

            Started IDoPDA demo-site, you can see it on demo.idopda.com

            Made more understandable installation wisard

            Read about all options and the small howtoRead more

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              IDoPDAMenu Choices not there

              Steve 2010.01.31 19:09 7 0


              I think this is a cool extension. It missed several menu items when I installed it, however. Also, it wouldn't upload my logo. I got a message: "did not upload image". I tried JPG and PNG images both less than 50k.

              How do I determine which menu items it finds during the install. Is there any way to configure things after it is created?

              Thank you.

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                IDoPDAIDoPDA was updated till version 1.0.3

                Nicomashi 2009.12.08 09:49 0 0



                There was updated fixed some things, that will be posted here.

                Big thanks to Sergio Sztokman.

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                  IDoPDASmall problems with idopda

                  Sergio Sztokman 2009.11.30 18:02 7 0


                  Hi, I've been trying the idopda program and works great.

                  I have 2 problems.

                  1) How to hide the cfg.inc to being browsed. Don't want people to know my DB config.

                  2) My site is not showing images. It only shows a text saying image 0 kb.


                  I had a problem with enconding (my sites are in spanis utf-8)  but i have already fixed it.

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                    Total site transactions & where does IDoItBetter.org get its money?

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