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IDoEditorReplacement help needed?

Spoonk 2011.02.13 21:15 2 0


Hello. I'm using this exellent editor in every site my company creates.

But I have a problem. I need to replace the p element with br / when the user hits the Enter button for a new row. That's needed because some templates have got a huge margin-top and margin-bottom values for p element, and when the article is saved, there are huge white spaces left between rows...

How can I modify this? The original Tiny MCE edior has this option to choose what to use for new rows...

Thanks in advance:)

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IDoEditorThis is What I'm Talking About

Steve Scanlan 2011.01.15 02:15 1 0


At school sites, there is a fire wall that prohibits sites like YouTube, MySpace or FaceBook. We need to upload files to a private server (mine), where I am housing the web page and blog. It doesn't look like .flv or .swf files can be uploaded or viewed correctly according to the video. Is this problem being addressed? I have another question. Is the IDOEditor the default editor for blog users after an install of IDOBlog on Joomla. TinyMCE appears to be the registered editor. Once again, any help would be appreciated.


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IDoEditorIdoBlog is Great But...

Steve Scanlan 2011.01.14 01:26 0 0


Hi. I am a teacher and added the IdoBlogger to my site. It works really well except for one major detail, I work with Flash and Video and need it to support uploads and inserts into the student blogs for the files that they make. I played with the source code a bit, and was able to get a Flash file to show up in the upload section, although it was inaccessible. Perhaps this comment is off topic because this is the IdoEditor section and I am new to this web site, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this situation. I'm sure that people want to include in their blogs objects like .pdf files, .ppt files, .swf files, .doc files, etc. Can I get a hand here?

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IDoEditorbig bug with the link

david 2010.11.23 08:54 0 0


when trying to add a link , it link to the picture, then if you try to change the link, it just add a new one in the html code.

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    IDoEditorHelp - Can't Upload Files With IdoEditor

    Edson Tomaz da Silva 2010.06.19 16:54 14 0


    Well, guys, I got to say I loved the editor, but something isn't working all right.

    I downloaded the editor and installed it on a localhost, just to try it.

    Everytime I try to pload pictures, videos or audio, I recieve the same error message:

    SyntaxError: missing name after . operator

    After that, the new screen apears, showing the evolution of the upload, but it lasts forever! And it works perfectly here in the website.


    What can I do to solve this?




    Edson Tomaz da Silva

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      IDoEditorCan't upload images

      Den 2010.06.13 14:46 6 0


      It seems, the script can not create folders. Even if I create the folder manually, images are not saved.

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        IDoEditorGoogle map

        pawel 2010.04.15 01:27 0 2.4


        This editor is perfect for my site! thx but i have problem when i past code from google map in article or i insert map from Editor Button - JGooMap
        map isn't apper

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          IDoEditorIDoEditor 1.6.16 realised

          Nicomashi 2010.01.22 09:38 0 0



          IDoEditor 1.6.16 updated. We are added new option: for all external links, that will be inserted in the article, will be added nofollow and noindex attributes.

          Read more about nofollow here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nofollow and about noindex here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noindex.

          This feauture is optional and can be set in IDoEditor settings.

          To update just reinstall IDoEditor without reinstalling old version. Then, do not forget, refresh IDoEditor settings for your site again, in admin panel.

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          IDoEditorHow to adjust IdoEditor?

          Ilya 2010.01.19 12:35 18 0


          I need to remove "Read more", "Smiles"...

          Sometimes i need to remove "Add video", "Add audio".

          And I don't need picture resizing.

          How can I do this?

          And... when a user uploads an artice, he may notice three default buttons below the editor: Image; Pagebreak; Readmore. Is it possible to hide or remove them?


          PS This editor is great for front end users but perhaps needs some instruments to adjust uesers restrictions.

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          IDoEditorGreat extension!!!!

          jonny 2009.12.22 10:17 5 0


          Very simple and i think my clients would learn how to use this much easier than the other more detailed wysiwigs.

          I am having some problems getting uploads to work though and it seems the language file is not working. Because all the fields and button titles on upload windows is showing the string text eg

          Im not sure if the above pasted text will be clear but thats what i see when clicking the image icon in the editor.

          Any help would be great..
          PS:: I have set up a joomla site on my clients server and only have ftp access not scp. So i am getting some permissions issues when instaaling extensions. Maybe that could be something?


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            IDoEditorcan't upload images with IDoEditor

            remy 2009.12.16 15:49 18 0


            I have a problem using IDoEditor. I can't upload images. If I try to upload the images, it doesn't show the uploaded images like it used to, but shows a red "X". I hope that someone can help me.

            Many thanks in advance, Remy

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              IDoEditorIDoEditor was updated till version 1.6.14

              Nicomashi 2009.12.08 09:52 0 0



              There were fixed problems with Opera 10 browser, and 1 problem with files downloading on server.

              Also has been added Nitherland language in base IDoEditor package. Thank for this to our customer Wilma.

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