And what extensions for Joomla would you like to get?

Why we can’t without Joomla Extensions

When you are creating a site using CMS Joomla, you often need a specialized functional. Each of us wants to add on own site something special: an interesting piece here, a beautiful thing there. Make it convenient, fast and compatible with a variety of services and applications.

On the one hand, Joomla!, so good that it’s easy and highly extensibility. Besides the engine as is, we have hundreds available modules, plugins and components. With the helps of this tool we can gather really cool thing.

On the other hand, the ideas are beating as a fountain, and every day we need something new. Also, very rarely the standard build of Joomla! and its extensions are suitable to us. Therefore, each of us gradually completing them under needs.

With wich key problem encountering of almost everyone of us

Of course, someone is engaged in development purely for himself, someone sharing it with others. Someone did not even hesitate to take money for their work and developing professional extensions =) That’s good. It’s good, that appears more and more extensions and developers. This situation called "win-win-win", which benefits not only for all concerned parties, but the World becomes a little bit better.

However, very often we starting to use some extension, we find ourselves trapped by the developer.Because there is a thousand little things that are specifically should look like "a little differently" for your site. It seems to be almost suits, but this "almost" strongly poisons life.

Pitfalls of paid extensions

To influence on the developer is rather difficult, they have a vision on Product development. Especially, if the extension is paid. Because there are many nuances of "internal kitchen", which the client is not obvious.

Also, payed extensions is not affordable for everyone, and the license can greatly restrict our choice. We would be happy something to change, but we can’t edit the code by ourself, can not write additional modules or plug-ins — even more so. Stepped aside — and will be removed from the guarantee and refused to further support.

Pitfalls of free extensions

With free extensions, situation is somewhat different, but no less problematic. They are maintaining due of the author enthusiasm, because it is very difficult to monetize them. And often making of such projects are not for profit. And as a free demo version for commercial product. Or simply because developers share the already done work with others.

As a result of free extensions often goes in nowhere, originally promising projects cease to evolve.And the authors are understandably very reluctant to respond to customer feedback to improve the functional.

For free or not for free?
Or why we have difficulty to influence the developer

Yeah, almost as Shakespeare...

In fact, the problem is not that the developer of a scoundrel.And the fact that his efforts should be compensated. If the author is earning increasing, the cost of changes or improvements can greatly exceed the cost of the product itself. Only because the result of work on the product is sold many times, but the result of services  — usually only once.

If the author does not earn on the expansion, then do something for free it even less sense. Especially pity if donate doesn’t not works. And usually donate doesn’t not works.

It would seem, that people not paying for the product, so should they at least be independent: to seek the right information on the site, to help other users.But the situation, when 2 identical topic, with the same question hanging side by side, occurs often. Or a person asks a question, help him, and he wrote: "Thanks, I’ll try. After 2 days will write, helped it or not". And then silence...

Not only that on starvation rations in the enthusiasm of developers is becoming less and less. Sometimes appears guys, who are beginning to blackmail instead of gratitude: "They say if you do not fix it, I mean you always write a bad review". After such frills desire to do something, and even more so — for free, disappears altogether.

Where to find a solution

Experience shows, that no fee service, or projects such as "Get Satisfaction" do not solve the problem. Because only high-quality feedback is not enough — need interaction. And is that the efforts of developers were compensated, and the result for the user was available. In an ideal world — free, open source software. Yes, and itself Joomla’s! philosophy, this implies, and a Joomla! development team that helps in every way.

Towarded with this target, we organized a project, where any user can get for free the desired extension, and the developer — a grant for the development.

The principle of our cooperation is simple: you send the idea of the module, plugin or component for Joomla.Together with other users vote for the ideas and discuss the nuances of technical tasks. Once in a month we are providing grants for the implementation of the most popular ideas. The result you get is absolutely free!

Grants are giving, as for a completely new extensions, and for developing new features for existing ones. Moreover, does not matter, that your idea haven’t a potential developer or will need to find just to find him.

Join in to the project now, and you will have a real opportunity to:

  • Get the extension that you would like, absolutely for free because we are providing grants for the development of your ideas
  • Influence to the way that extention should be, because the terms of reference are formed as a result of the discussions of your ideas and suggestions
  • Adapt extension specifically to suit your needs, because you can make custom made directly to the author or a third-party extensions
  • Get functional, which the authors do not purport to expand to develop, and significantly save your money, because you can unite with the same users and make a ollective order
  • Develop own extension, because we are providing grants to developing a new features for existing popular extensions
  • Solve problems with the monetization of your own projects, because you can get grants for the development, individual and group bookings to improveing the functional

Sign in, do not wait  — act now!

The end result (whether our ideas are implemented, how it will be done) depends of us and our activity. How to loud it sounded, but it’s true. Because the more we are become, the more opportunities we have there.

If you still have any questions or doubts, visit Help Desk Area.


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